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Scott Deciantis
03-22-1999, 02:21 AM
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>Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 10:18:27 -0500
>From: Scott DeCiantis
>Subject: EMG and Resistance Exercise
>I am a master's student in biomechanics at the University of Kentucky. I am
>interested in doing what could be described as a validation study of
>resistance training exercises. I would like to investigate how common
>weight training exercises will affect muscle activation when performed using
>varying equipment and joint angles. Using EMG, I hope to determine
>exercises that result in the most muscle activation.
> I am looking for literature on the subject, but so far have only
>found a few studies from the 1950's and 60's reporting muscle activation
>during unloaded upper body movements or isometric contraction. Does anybody
>know of any EMG studies involving isotonic or isokinetic contractions of arm
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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