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Prasanna Malaviya
05-03-1999, 05:13 AM

Maybe studying the bowling actions of some of the current spinners will lead
to an understanding of these "mystery" techniques. Video footage of these
cricketers can be obtained commercially. Below I include a response to your
query from my uncle, an ardent cricket fan...

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From: Dr. Anand N. Malaviya
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Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 10:32 PM
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Well, I cannot answer how these bowlers used their fingers and/or wrists.
However, I wish to add the name of Saqlain Mushtaq in this list of bowlers.
bowls perfect leg spinners with classic off-break action. I have never seen
anything like the ball with which he clean bowled Amay Khurasia in one of
matches of the Indo-Pak one-day. - Anand

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