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Steve Macneil
05-04-1999, 08:16 AM

The Association of Canadian Ergonomists (formerly Human Factors Association of
Canada) invites abstracts and proposals for scientific, technical and workshop
programs for the 31st Annual Conference to be held in the Ottawa/Hull
region on
October 13-15, 1999. The theme of the conference is Ergonomics and Safety.

We would like to broaden the focus of the conference and we are making a
special appeal to students of all disciplines to forward abstracts for a paper
or poster presentation that may reflect the wide scope of work within the
ergonomics field. The abstract or proposal may demonstrate either the physical
or cognitive ergonomics.

Those interested in presenting either a paper or poster should submit an
abstract of 500 to 1000 words (in french or English), preferably in Word
6.0 to
email address below. The abstract should include the title of the paper, the
author's name and affiliation(s), address, telephone and fax numbers as well
as Email (if available). These abstracts (or draft of abstract) are due May
15, 1999.

The conference will be held in Hull, Quebec from October 13-15, 1999 and will
be present as a bilingual conference. If you require any more information
regarding the conference please do not hesitate to email me. Full conference
details will follow this posting in 2 weeks.

Thank you,

Steve MacNeil M.Sc. AEP

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