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unknown user
05-09-1999, 08:23 AM

I am going to work on hand-wrist modeling through this summer under the scope
of the summer undergraduate research program. The goal is to expose a 3d
model of the human wrist/hand so that someone can study how normal and
pathological hand works. I have no experience with 3d modeling of body parts.
I couldn't find helpful information on the net and in the library(just a few
too much specific papers published by J. of Biomech.)

I think, firstly, I need some introductory information on wrist/hand
kinematics, dynamics and joint stress analysis. Later, I would like to focus
on ligament modeling. All related introductory and advance level references
are wellcome. Thanks,

Gonul Kokal
-junior to senior undergraduate
Ege Univ.
Dept. of Compt. Eng.

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