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05-11-1999, 08:28 PM
Hello subscribers,

We are carrying out a study on the effect of bend running on rearfoot
motion. We are using the Peak Motus system to obtain 3D coordinate data.
We intend to analyse data using the 3D model of Areblad et al (1990)
Journal of Biomechanics Vol 23 No.9 pp. 933-940. This provides details
of the mathematical model for calculating lower leg and foot angles from
markers placed on the foot and leg. We expect that the most appropriate
way to process the data is in Matlab. We are wondering if any subscriber
has a Matlab routine for carrying out such calculations based on the 3D
coordinates of 3 markers on the rearfoot and 3 markers on the lower leg
that they might be willing to share?

Many thanks,

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email: drew.harrison@ul.ie
Dept of P.E. and Sport Science
University of Limerick

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