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Jonathon Black
05-12-1999, 11:01 AM
Colleagues and Peers,

My name is Jonathon Black and I am currently involved in an MSc
project investigating the effect of pre-exercise stretching on eccentric
contraction-induced injury. I am using an in situ mouse preparation
identical to the one utilized by Brooks and Faulkner (1990). In my
experiments I will testing the effects of long slow stretches at
different strains (15%, 30, 45 and 60%) and strain rate (0.2 Hz and 2.0
Hz) on work deficit produced by eccentric contraction-induced injury in
mouse extensor digitorum longus. I have uncovered very few studies
directly investigating the effect of pre-exercise stretching on
contraction-induced injury, although I have found several studies on
various aspects of muscle that are then indirectly linked to injury and
prevention (ROM, stiffness, tightness, flexibility etc.). The studies
directly investigating the effect of pre-stretching on
contraction-induced injury were performed on soccer players and
incorporated a stretching and cardiovascular warm-up protocol (Ekstrand,
Gillquist and Lilzedahl, 1983; Agre and Baxter, 1987).
I am trying to define my experimental protocol and am looking for
information/ references on the effect of pre-exercise stretching on
contraction-induced injury. Specifically I am looking for either
information on type of stretching from in vitro or in vivo studies,
the length of time stretched, the number of times the stretch was
repeated, the extent to which the muscle was stretched etc. If so please
email me at jblack00@uoguelph.ca (those are zeros not os), I
appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you for time and help.

Jonathon Black

University of Guelph,

Ontario Canada

References: Agre, J. C., and T. L. Baxter. Musculoskeletal profile of
male collegiate soccer players. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil . 68: 147
- 150.
Brooks, S. V., and J. A. Faulkner.
Contraction-induced injury: recovery of skeletal muscles in young and
old mice. Am J. Physiol. 258 (Cell Physiol. 27): C436 - C442 , 1990.
Ekstrand, J., J. Gillquist, S-S. Lilzedahl.
Prevention of soccer injuries. Supervision by doctor and
physiotherapist. Am. J. Sports Med. 11: 116 - 120, 1983.

Jonathon Black
University of Guelph
Department of Zoology
phone: (519) 824-4120 Ext. 8137
fax: (519) 767-1656
email: jblack00@uoguelph.ca

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