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Priscilla Jung Park
05-12-1999, 03:09 PM
Dear all,

Hello! My name is Priscilla and I am currently finishing up my thesis in
the field of Dance Medicine. In my thesis reseach, I used the
NeuroCom Balance Master to measure the
sway velocity of dancers balancing in stork stance and a modified stork
stance raised up on the metatarsals of the supporting leg, before and
after a 6-wk abdominal training program. The protocal on the menu of
the Balance Master that I used was "Unilateral Stance Test"

The limitation of the Balance Master lies in the fact that the
current software in the BM calculates the sway velocity (deg/sec) only if
the subject hold his/her balance for 10 seconds or more. The sampling
rate is 100 frames/ sec. For the modified stork stance raised up on the
metatarsals, only 6-8 dancers out of each group(13 dancers in each group
- experimental and control group), met the criteria of balancing raised up
on the metatarsals for 10 seconds or more.

I spoke with Lewis Nashner, president of NeuroCom Balance Master co', last
week and found out that it is possible to get the sway velocity, even if
the dancer balances for , let's say , only 3.7 sec. The raw data (100
frames/sec sampling rate) is saved in an ASCII file. Nashner states that
the x & y coordinates of COG, and vertical dispacement is saved as raw
data for each trial of the testing session.

The current software of BM needs to be altered in order to take the raw
data and calculate sway velocity, if balance held for less than 10
seconds. Unfortunately, it costs $$$$$$ to have the NeuroCom BM co' to
make this change. And I'm on a very limited budget. Nashner suggested that
I recruit an engineering student to program the software to do what I
want. I have not found such person, to date.

My question is, is there any researcher out there that has altered the
software in NeuroCom BM to calculate the sway velocity , even if balance
held is less than 10 seconds, for the purpose of his/her study? I'ld be
very lucky and fortunate if there is someone out there that has this
alteration and is willing to share it with me.

Sincerely, Priscilla

Priscilla Park
Dance Grad
University of California at Irvine

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