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Holly Hanna
05-13-1999, 04:15 AM
Satellite Symposium on Skeletal Muscle Mechanics

August 6 and 7, 1999

Canmore, Alberta

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Calgary will be hosting the Scientific Conference of the
International Society of Biomechanics in Calgary, Alberta from August 8-13,

Immediately preceeding this primary event of biomechanics research in 1999,
we will organize a Satellite Symposium on Skeletal Muscle Mechanics. The
Symposium will take place in Canmore, Alberta, a small town about 1 hour (by
car) west of Calgary in the Rocky Mountains, and about 15 minutes (by car)
from the famous vacation resort, Banff, Alberta, on August 6 and 7, 1999.

The scientific programme consists of four sessions ( day each): three oral
sessions and one poster session.

The oral sessions are grouped into three topic areas:

1) Skeletal Muscle Modelling

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. George Zahalak of the University of Washington

2) In Vivo Muscle Function

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Andrew Biewener of Harvard University

3) Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Toshio Yanagida of Osaka University

Further confirmed participants include Professor Andrew Huxley, Henk
Granzier, and Gerald (Jerry) Pollack. We believe that the Canmore Symposium
might turn out to be the major gathering of skeletal muscle scientist this
We are tremendously excited about the quality of the Keynote Lecturer. Dr.
George Zahalak is one of the leading researchers in the area of modelling
skeletal muscle function in biomechanics. Dr. Andrew Biewener has made many
revolutionary discoveries through the direct measurement of muscle function
in experimental animal models. Dr. Yanagida is the first to ever measure
simultaneously the forces generated by single cross-bridge heads and the
corresponding biochemical events associated with ATP hydrolysis.
Furthermore, Professor Andrew Huxley, the ISB Wartenweiler Memorial Lecturer
will join the Canmore symposium as a guest.

Each of these keynote lecturers will be followed by 6-8 podium presenters
who will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Abstracts not chosen for
podium presentation, if judged to be of excellent quality, will be presented
in a separate poster session.


1 page abstracts should be submitted for one of the three topics of this

Skeletal Muscle Modelling

In Vivo Muscle Function

Mechanisms of Muscle Contraction

The guidelines for abstracts are identical to those for the ISB Congress
(see website http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/isb99/) with the following

When submitting an abstract, please provide the following information:

1) your mailing address, email address, telephone, and fax numbers

2) Furthermore, in a letter of submission clearly state for which of the
three session your abstract should be considered.

3) Also, I have contacted John Wiley and Sons who is interested in
publishing a hard-cover book of this symposium. The aim of the book is to
summarize the state of the art knowledge in the three topic areas of the
symposium. As such, we would like the book to be a valuable reference source
of the science at the end of this century, not just a proceedings of the
conference. Contributions should be of the highest quality with a good mix
of cutting edge science and basic problem discussion. Please indicate on the
registration form if you will be providing a book chapter (8-15 printed
pages) of your presentation by October 1, 1999


1. Submission of Abstracts: May 28, 1999 (Received by symposium
secretariat). If you have a problem with this deadline, please contact us
as soon as possible.


2. Notice of Acceptance: June 4, 1999

3. Registration: July 2, 1999 (because of the facility, registration will be
restricted to about 100 people. We will operate on a first come,
first-served basis with preference to people who submit an abstract; early
registration is encouraged since we already have a tremendous show of
interest). Please indicate in your registration if you plan to submit an

Registration forms may be obtained by visiting our website
or by contacting the conference secretariat, Ms. H. Hanna at 403-220-8525,
or email hhanna@ucalgary.ca.

4. Symposium dates:

August 6 and 7, 1999

Canmore, Alberta

Location: Bill Warren Training Centre (site of the 1988 Winter Olympic
cross-country and biathlon races)

5. Submission of book chapter: October 1, 1999


All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Registration fee: Regular: $225 ($209.25 + $15.75 gst)

Students: $125 ($116.83 + $8.17 gst)

Above fees include coffee breaks, light lunch and banquet. Payment can be
made by cheque (payable to the University of Calgary & drawn on a Canadian
Bank) or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). For the ease of currency
exchange we recommend the use of credit cards.

Registration forms may be sent via fax ONLY if payment is made by credit


In the unfortunate event that a registration must be cancelled, a full
refund less $50 administration fee, will be issued provided written
notification is received by the University of Calgary on or before July 15,


Ms. Holly Hanna

University of Calgary, PEB205

2500 University Dr. N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

email: hhanna@ucalgary.ca

phone: 403-220-8525

fax: 403-284-3553


We have made reservations in several hotels in Canmore for this event. For
travel planning and hotel accomodation you may contact:

The Travel Gallery

Mike Mather

email: notravel@cal.cybersurf.net

phone: 403-202-3862

fax: 403-247-6389

I am looking very much forward to meeting all of you in Canmore before the
ISB Conference for the Skeletal Muscle Satellite Symposium. I am happy that
we have such a strong programme of keynote lecturers, and for those who have
never been in the Canadian Rockies, it is an unbelievable place.


W. Herzog

Organizer and Scientific Chair

Canmore Symposium on Skeletal Muscle Mechanics

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