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Tony Blazevich
05-16-1999, 10:51 AM
Thanks to those of you who responded to my question about saving KinCom
data files in a format that can be exported into spreadsheeting software
such as Microsoft Excel. The response was overwhelming, and judging from a
few responses, I was not the only person facing the challenge. Instead of
posting all the replies I have decided to summarise the responses myself.

There appears to be two ways of organising the data. The first method is
easiest, and the method I chose...

1. In KinCom, choose
'select subject and press Enter
'select dates
'Select contraction
ASCII Data (select this to get data into ASCII format)
File (to save to file)
'enter filename
Select Patient (to view next patient for which data must be saved)

This process saves the data for that one trial to the hard drive. In our
version of KinCom the data is saved into the directory C:Chattecx/

To save the files onto disk for use in other systems, you just perform the

System Utilities
Exit to DOS

Once in dos mode you can save any file to the a: drive. We have Norton
Commander on the system so saving files was easier.

In Excel you have to open files as space delimited text files.

2. YOu can also write a program to change file formats. Most respondents
assumed the data was in Pascal. Although one respondent suggested that to
obtain the exact file formats used by the KinCom was not an easy job. They
have since done so. I will not divulge the names of those who offered
their time to write/send me software that would perform this operation, but
I hope they know who they are and accept my thanks for their support. If
anyone needs software written to perform such tasks, I'm sure that if you
email Biomech-L you will get a fantastic response as well.

Thanks to those who resonded to my email. I have since veiwed my data in
Excel am joyfully reorganising, manipulating...

Tony Blazevich.

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