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Mt1 Florian Moser
05-16-1999, 07:52 PM
To Whom It May Concern.

Currently I am a student of Medical Engineering at the Fachhochschule
Ulm, which is a university of applied sciences. I am now in my third
year of study and according to the regulations of the Fachhochschule
a practical semester should be completed from September 1st 1999
to February 29th 2000.
I am very interested in sports combined with Biomedical Engineering
and Biomechanics. Referring to this I am interested in analyzing
motion studies of such sports like inline-skating or running. I also
want to learn something about developing and testing such products
under the aspect of Biomechanics.
If you are interested or have a suitable place for me please send a
Email to:

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