View Full Version : thermal conductivity of bone and cartilage

Smit, Th.h.
05-18-1999, 09:30 PM
Dear list subscribers,

As a "bone specialist" in our department, I have been asked by a colleague
of mine to come up with numbers on the thermal conductivity of bone and
cartilage. However, I am not a specialist on thermal effects in bone and
cartilage, and I also had difficulties to find numbers in literature: I
found only two contradicting sources on the thermal conductivity of bone
(0.16-0.34 W/m/K and 1.16 W/m/K, which is really wide apart for biological
tissues which usually have 0.4-0.6 W/m/K; water, for example, has 0.6
W/m/K), and none for cartilage.

Who can give me the right numbers and -if possible- the right references?

With many thanks in advance,

Theo Smit
Dep. Clinical Physics and Informatics
University Hospital Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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