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Michael S. Sacks
05-20-1999, 10:47 PM

The Tissue Mechanics Laboratory (TML), Department of Bioengineering, and
the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh,
have an opening for a NIH funded Post-Doctoral position in computational
urological soft tissue mechanics. The applicant will develop a
computational solid mechanics model of the urinary bladder utilizing
realistic constitutive models developed in the TML for the bladder wall.
Specifically, the successful candidate work toward achieving the
following major goals:

1. Development of finite elements for realistic simulation of the passive
and active mechanical properties of bladder wall tissue.
2. Development of a finite element model of the bladder in both filling
and emptying phases utilizing in-vivo geometry obtained from CT imaging.
3. Conduct necessary experiments for the validation of the model.
The ideal canditate will have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,
Mechanics, or Biomechanics with a strong background in solid mechanical
modeling and simulation of soft biological tissues. This is a two-year
position with an annual salary of $26,256/year. The candidate will work
closely with a unique team of Bioengineers, Surgeons, Radiologists, and
Pharamcologists at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Engineering
and Medicine.

To apply or for more information, please contact:

Michael S. Sacks, Ph.D.
Department of Bioengineering
Room 749 Benedum Hall, 3700 Ohara St.
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Tel. 412-624-8985
Fax 412-383-8788
EMAIL: msacks@pitt.edu

Visit our web pages at:

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Michael S. Sacks,Ph.D.

Department of Bioengineering
Room 749 Benedum Hall
3700 Ohara St.
Pittsburgh PA 15261
Tel: 412-624-8985
Fax: 412-383-8788
email: msacks@pitt.edu
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