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Michael Utz
05-21-1999, 01:52 AM
Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Michael Utz. I am studying medical technical science at the
Fachhochschule (university of applied sciences) Ulm with the main
emphasis on design, construction and electronics. Now I am in the
fifth semester and from September,1st 1999 to February,28th 2000 I have
to absolve my second practical semester wich I want to do in the USA.

Last semester my optional subject was technical mechanics III. This
semester I am looking forward to finite elements, biomechanics and
programming in C++ as electives.

Between my first and fifth semester I did a voluntary practical at
Hartmann Inc. Working on the construction of machines for the production
of diapers. Mainly I was using 2D and 3D CAD systems. Here my training
on electrotechnics I did before studying was very useful.

Working with youth groups and in the student self-administration I have
learned as well to work as part of a team as to take personal
responsibility. This capabilities and my specialized knowledge I would
like to bring into action with you.

I hope to have attracted your attention and am looking forward to your
reply. If you want further information about me or my study, please
send me an e-mail.

Yours sincerely

Michael Utz

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