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Michael Dancisak
05-25-1999, 11:03 AM
Dear Group,

Thanks to all who replied to my request for a reference about an
older study that was done on the streets of New York which looked at
pedestrian gait speed.

From: Gordon Chalmers

Rebecca Craik, Changes in locomotion in the aging adult.
Development of posture and gait across the life span.
MH Woollacott & A Shumway-Cook (eds)
University of South Carolina Press

On page 179 three studies such as you asked about are discussed, including
the New York study (there may be more but I just glanced at the chapter to
get a reference for you).

From: "a.l.hof"

- Drillis, R. Objective recording and biomechanics of pathological
gait Ann New York Acad. Sci. 74: 86 (1958).
Others of interest may be:
- Drillis, R. The influence of ageing on the kinematics of gait. In:
The geriatric amputee, publ. 919 of the Nat Acad Sci , Nat Res
Council (1961)
- Molen, NH and Rozendal RH Some factors of human gait Proc. Koninkl.
Ned. Acad. v. Wetensch. Ser C69:522 (1966).

From: Cheryl Riegger-Krugh

Robnett CS, Vondran MA. Functional ambulation velocity and distance
requirements in rural and urban communities. Phys Ther 1988;68:1371-1373.

From: Gary Kamen

I remember a sort of review article that was published in American
Scientist (I believe) about 10 years ago that was titled something like
"The Pace of Life". It talked about how people on the East coast do
everything more rushed than you midwesterners - including walking.

From: Beth Boyd

I used a group of articles by N. H. Molen, R. H Rozendal et al. with my
dissertation that looked at "location" of walking characteristics, I think
in urban and suburban Amsterdam (shopping malls, parks etc.). They are
primarily published in Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie
van Wetenschappen from the mid 60's to mid 70's. They are indexed in the
Biology Index. They are in English and most medical or biology libraries
have them or can get them on ILL.

From: Yves Blanc

1. Eke-Okoro ST, Sandlund B. The effects of load, shoes, sex and direction
on the gait characteristics of street pedestrians. J Hum Mov Studies

3. Sun J, Walters M, Svensson N, Lloyd D. The influence of surface slope on
human gait characteristics: a study of urban pedestrians walking on an
inclined surface. Ergonomics 1996;39:677-92.

From: "Angelika M. Hofstetter"

Finley FR & Cody KA (1970) Locomotive characteristics of urban pedestrians.
Archives Phys Med & Rehabil 51: 423-426.

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