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Lisa Carnes
05-25-1999, 08:30 PM
Hello to all! I am working with a group of biomedical engineering
students to analyze position of the upper limb from accelerometer and
contraction sensor data. The problem we are facing, lies within the
gravity vector affecting accelerometer. In searching the Biomech-l
archives, there is information regarding position calculations from a
piezoresistive accelerometer using Fourier analysis. However, our
specific accelerometer that we have (ADXL150EM-3) manufactured by
CrossBow and is a tri-axial DC accelerometer and therefore, AC
accelerometer techniques such as, piezoelectric, methods will not work
in this case.
If the orientation of the accelerometer is changed, then gravity
vector becomes a problem, and the mathematics are hairy. Does anyone
have any advice?

Thanks for your time!

*Lisa Carnes *
*Wright State University *
*Biomedical Engineering *
*carnes.2@wright.edu *

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