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05-27-1999, 01:44 AM
Dear Readers,

Several university Departments and industrial partners are planning
to create an European consortium which aim is (in summary) the
creation of a 3D database and services related to joint kinematics
and musculoskeletal behavior.

The results will be made available for educational purposes through
interactive tutorials accessible from an Internet interface. It will
include high-quality 3D models (both geometrical and finite element)
of major bones and muscles, together with kinematics data.
Raw data will be available for industrial purposes.

We are now looking for sign of interest from:
-medical schools (medicine, physiotherapy, physical education and
so on).
-medical professional (both individual or association).
-industry (prosthesis, virtual surgery, car crash simulation, Internet
editor, multi-media editor, entertainment, ...).

Interested persons or associations can contact me. I will then send
a (almost) full description of the project.

Thank you very much in advance!


Serge VAN SINT JAN, Ph.D. | phone: + 44 1908 695511 (ext. 4146)
School of Computing Sciences | + 44 1908 834933
De Montfort University | fax: + 44 1908 834948
Hammerwood Gate | email: sintjans@ulb.ac.be
Milton Keynes MK7 6HP - UK | WWW: http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~sintjans

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