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Moshe Nissan
08-27-1992, 06:22 PM
Dear Biomch-L reader:
I am planning recently a research in which we will try to affect the
rate of bone-healing using various electromagnetic waves. One of the ways
for testing those effects is supposed to be by measuring elastic properties
of the healed bone at various stages. We are thinking at the moment on using
rats tibias, and to test with an Instron device, 4-point bending. But there
are many parameters involved and I have many un-answered questions. It seems
there are no answers to some problems in the literature (surprise surprise...)
I'll be grateful if, having overcome (or not) some of these finer points
like those mentioned here, you will be so good as to
share your experience with me. Probably the whole net might be interested?
Some of my Qs are:
1. Is there a stndard/accepted alignment of rat's tibia for 4-points test?
2. Is there a standard/accepted length of the bone? distance between supports
and distance between pressing edges?
3. What is the best way for fixing the bone edges? PMMA?Araldite?
4. Are there known standard values for this bone?

There are many others, and any advice, warning and info will be most welcome.
Many thanks, Moshe

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