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Andrew W. (drew) Smith, Phd
05-30-1999, 04:28 PM


Assistant Professors in Physiotherapy
(Paediatrics, Cardiopulmonary, Geriatrics, Electrotherapy or related areas)

The appointees will be required to teach up to MSc level, supervise students
in research degrees and undertake research and
consultancy in their field of expertise.

Applicants are expected to have (a) a doctorate degree in the relevant
field, or a master's degree in the relevant field plus at
least three years' relevant professional experience; and (b) proven ability
in conducting scholarly and research activities.

Preference will be given to candidates with teaching and/or research
expertise in the area of Paediatrics, Cardiopulmonary,
Geriatrics, Electrotherapy or related areas.

Salary will be within the range of HK$554,280 - HK$628,860 /BAR/
HK$666,180 - HK$925,980 per annum.
(US$1 = HK$7.75, CAD$1 = HK$5.29, UKú1 = HK$12.36, AUS$1 = HK$5.04 as at
27 May 1999)
Initial appointments will be made on a fixed-term gratuity-bearing contract
with generous fringe benefits.

Applicants are invited to send in detailed curriculum vitae (in duplicate if
by post) with names and addresses of two referees
(including current employer) to the Personnel Office, Room AG426, Core A,
Chung Sze Yuen Building, The Hong
Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong [by fax : (852)
2764 3374, or by E-mail:
postaff@polyu.edu.hk]. Recruitment will continue until the positions are
filled. The University will keep the data on
unsuccessful candidates up to one year. Applications should indicate in the
application if they do not wish to give consent to
this. General information about the University is available on the
University's World Wide Web Homepage

Enquiries: Kevin Kwong: rsskwong@polyu.edu.hk
WWW: www.polyu.edu.hk/~rs

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Andrew W. (Drew) Smith, PhD
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Email Address: rsdrew@polyu.edu.hk
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