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unknown user
06-01-1999, 09:35 PM
Dear Biomech-lers:

My name is Andre Rodacki and I am doing my PhD on plyometrics, using an
equipment called pendulum swing. While digging the literature I saw an
equipment similar to the equipment I am doing my research on, called
"COLUMPIO", which is a pendular device, where the subjects sit on a chair
(swing) and propel themselves forwards and backwards against the wall
(stretch-shortening cycle). The reference I have explains (poorly) the
"COLUMPIO" and only give scarce details. This reference reports that the
Russians (specially Dr. Yuri Verkoshanky) have used this equipment in the
past. I would like to ask if anybody has better details or any other valuable
information on this subject.

Please, observe that I already know that some authors (Trzaskoma; Dvir;
Fowler, etc) have done some research using a pendulum swing device,
therefore, this is not the information I am looking for.



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