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Edmund Cramp
06-02-1999, 12:54 AM
Dear List members,

Im posting this on behalf of Mariano Belvedere in Argentina - replies should
go directly to siommar@satlink.com - not to me.

Edmund Cramp,
Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

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From: Biomedical Department [siommar@satlink.com]

Dear Listmembers,
I am Mariano Belvedere, of Biomedical Department in National University of
Entre Rios, Parana, Argentina. Since a few years ago we have been trying to
make a little laboratory for Artificial Intelligence studies. But here in
Argentina there isnt some resources we need to begin our work.

Now, we want to conduct a study of the possibility of using Neural Networks to
perform EMG analysis and need some sample EMG data (in form of data files)
from normal and pathological subjects. We are hoping that someone on this list
may be able to help us to obtain this data for our study as we do not have
access to an EMG laboratory in our university. To do this study we need EMG
signals recorded with the following parameters:

One or more EMG channels recorded at a sample rate of greater than 800 samples
per second.
We need EMG recordings from normal individuals with motor neuron desease
(selective degeneration of the upper and lower motor neuron) myopathy (group
of deseases that affect primarily skeletal muscle fibers, inherited or
acquired, like Duchenne and Backer muscular distrophy, fascioscapulohuneral
and limb girdle, and polymiositis)

We need recordings of aproximately 15 individuals from each cathegory. The
recordings must be from the biceps brachii muscle, at slight contraction. We
ve been searching information and found that this muscle is proximal of the
shouldeer girdle that is usually affected at an early stage in both motor
neuron desease and myopathy. We prefer intramuscular (needle electrodes)

We would prefer the data to be in C3D files but can read data from VICON VAD
or ADC files, Motion Analysis ANA files, BTS EMG files or Dataq CODAS files.

Can any kind person help us by providing some data files in one of these
formats? We would greatly appreciate this and it would help us advance the
study of EMG within our country and institute.

Best Regards
Mariano Belvedere
Biomedical Department - National University of Entre Rios
(3100) Parana - Argentina
E-mail: siommar@satlink.com or caricapo@satlink.com

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