View Full Version : wet bone inertial parameters

Matt Pain
06-04-1999, 11:19 AM
Dear list members

I am trying to find information on the inertial parameters of wet human
bone. I have tried a search of various kinds on the online systems and
looked in anatomy books to no avail. If any one has this information or
knows where to look I would be grateful if they could tell me.

Alternatively if there are digitised coordinates of bones available I can
work them out myself. Delps bones that are available at the archives do
not have a sufficiently dense distribution of points to do the calculations
I require. If any original measured values of these bones are available
these may also be useful.

I am not looking for a finite element mesh but if the node coordinates are
available in an ascii format I could do something with that as well.

Rereading this it seems I could do with just about anything which is true.
Where is all the mechanical information when you need it !!!!!, which is
yesterday of course :-).

Yours Sincerely Matt Pain

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