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unknown user
06-06-1999, 04:20 AM
From: Ben Hammond ("garden variety citizen")
1912 Plum Street
Montgomery AL 36107

Subject: How to determine the pressure on my feet when I am walking and when
I use a grocery cart to jog with...to find out if the
pressure with the grocery
cart is similar enough to use it after hip replacement.

This is my first posting, so apologies in advance if mistakes are made.

I am a plain,non-academic, 49 year old,computer contractor/ ex?-jogger who
has an arthritic hip that someday will need to be replaced. I also have an
undiagnosable knee condition that prevents me from putting significant
pressure on my right leg...and I walk with a bad limp/pain and usually walk
with one of these 4 pronged walkers like little old ladies use. I have had
the debilitating knee condition for 4 years that came after cartilege and
bone repair operations that apparently went successfully except for this.

About two years ago, through trial and error going in from grocery stores
using the carts for support, I started using a grocery cart to lean on for
support when I jog, thereby not extending and putting pressure on the right
leg and getting satisfaction from being able to exercise and get back in
shape (120 pounds lost in 1997 so this to me is not a trivial pursuit). It
is difficult to swim because of the bad hip, riding a stationary bike
aggravates the knee and water jogging vertically...works somewhat but is
very inconvenient. Using the cart is my salvation for
getting exercise and a very important part of my life.

Someday I will have to have a hip replaced and I really want to be able to
use this cart
and jog with it like I have been doing,but usual jogging is forbidden with a
replaced hip
but walking is fine and encouraged. As for the knee being fixed...I have no
idea and nothing
can be found wrong with it.

I need to determine how the pressure on my feet compares with and without
the support
of the cart. If the pressure is less than or equal to walking pressure,
then I can use the cart after hip replacement, but if it is the same
pressure as jogging, then I cannot and will have to just
walk after hip replacement. My using the cart is not rehab: the knee
condition and hip
conditioin are permanent and are not improving...I did not use the cart for
a year and
a half after surgeries and there was no improvement.

Can a pressure plate be put on your shoe and then monitored remotely to
determine the
pressure? Can you determine pressure on a treadmill with a grocery cart and
the person
on the treadmill? I just don't know and have no experience at all in the

I checked the archives and found info on pressure plates and treadmills but
to my
surprise-(not) I didn't find anything about putting a grocery cart on a
treadmill or using
it with a pressure plate on your foot.

I found message 006049 and a reply from Frank Buczek Jr. fbuczek@srhcc.org that
sounded pertinent and have sent Frank a personal message in addition to
this posting.

So any replies are welcomed...thanks to Dino in Auburn for directing me to
the group
and please: don't take good knee health for granted.

Ben Hammond
1912 Plum Street
Montgomery AL 36107

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