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Bente Rona Jensen
06-07-1999, 08:22 PM
Dear all

At the department we are planning to buy new equipment for
muscle strength measurements. The market in this field is huge
and spred all over the world. To help us make the right desicion we
decided to post the question below.

We want to be able to:
-measure dynamic (concentric and eccentric) as well as isometric.
- measure high peak velocities
- measure range of motion for different joints
- synchronize with other types of data (e.g. EMG, intramuscular
- measure upper extremity and shoulder, low back and if possible
also leg muscle trrength.

Our question to you is:
What can you recommend us to buy (or not to buy) for research

Thanks in advance

Bente R. Jensen, Phd
National Institute of Occupational Health

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