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M A Deen-williams
06-08-1999, 02:55 AM
Dear All,

I am currently seeking references or useful contacts on maintainable static
stable positions during standing and sitting. For example limits of
stability during standing body sway/automatic postural responses of the
human body, while standing. Along with the static stable positions that
can be maintained for a period of time during sit to stand (considered as
a series of static steps), areas of consideration are effects of eyes open
and closed, upper body movements i.e. head and arms and external
disturbances/support aids.

It is the intention to interprete these static stable positions into a
constraint based computer human model, to evaluate the human
interaction with products/disability aids and how they aid stability. Are
there any existing similar computer models?

Look forward to some interesting reading,


Michelle Deen-Williams
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath

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