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unknown user
06-08-1999, 05:16 AM
I am aware of a product that Chattanooga Group, Inc. is coming out with in
the next several months which may serve your purpose. It is called the
AccuTread System, and it is comprised of a post operative, open toe style
shoe in 3 sizes and a wireless receiver unit. Weight bearing data is
transmitted and displayed on an LED readout window on the reciever. It has
several functions, one of which indicates force applied up to 220 pounds. A
peak and hold feature displays the maximum force for each step and holds it
on the display until another step is taken. It can also be set to test the
user's ability to maintain a range, and it automatically calculates an
accuracy rating for up to 600 steps. The shoe is not of a design that would
be useful while jogging, but you could get accurate data while walking. It
was designed to assess and treat a variety of weight bearing conditions, so
it may work for you.

You can call Chattanooga Group for information at 1-800-592-7329 or Email me
at OTRGRAY@AOL.com and I'll be glad to give you as much info as I can.

David Gray

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