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unknown user
08-30-1992, 12:50 PM
I am posting the following question on behalf of a colleague.

R. Stephen (mech146@csc.canterbury.ac.nz)

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I am currently developing a machine to provide a constant
towing force to sprinters. This training technique is commonly
known as assisted training or towing training. I have managed to
find a few articles on the subject, but all are at least 6 years
old and are not accurate scientific studies of the subject. I
have the following questions-

1) I would like to know the effectiveness of this type of
training on speed, acceleration etc ?

2) Who (in particular out of the well known international
sprinters) uses this type of training ?

3) What would be a general training program using this
technique ? I have read it is easy to over-train using this type
of training.

4) Are the physiological effects of the type of training
understood ?

I would appreciate any advice or references and would be
happy to answer any questions regarding the machine.

Tim Jones,
Post Graduate,
Mechanical Engineering,
University of Canterbury,
New Zealand.