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H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
08-31-1992, 11:08 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The following request was received this morning from a relatively recent
subscriber to Biomch-L. Since many new subscribers do not always realise
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(with apologies to our seasoned contributors) that *postings*, with a rele-
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As regards Serge's request, I trust that he will summarize any replies
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so even non-subscribers to our little forum (we just passed the 600 mark
for the first time a few days ago, albeit that about 5 % of us are on nomail
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Despite the above statistics and as said at previous occasions when numerical
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readership as mere numbers! In the words of the late Isaac Asimov as recalled
by heart: ``in a future world, every body has a number, only prisoners will
have names'' ...

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 92 9:33:43 MET
From: sintjans@ulb.ac.be
Subject: MRI Pictures

Dear Mr Woltring,

Can you send through BIOMCH-L the little following problem ?

Beforehand, thank you very much !!

Serge Van Sint Jan


Dear Readers,

I am doing a Ph.D. in biomechanics. On a PC, I try to
make 3D-reconstructions of 2D MRI pictures coming from a NMR
computer. The problem of the importation of the pictures has
almost been resolved. Now the 3D-reconstruction must start.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone having some
experience of this kind of problem ( 3D-reconstruction of
microscopic, CT-Scan or MRI slides ) and 3D-reconstruction
algorithms ( maybe with the source in Fortran or C !! ).

Thank you very much for any help !

* Serge Van Sint Jan *
* Department for Functional Anatomy *
* University of Brussels (ULB) *
* Electronic mail: sintjans@ulb.ac.be *
* Tel: 32 2 555 63 25 *
* 32 2 555 63 76 *
* Fax: 32 2 555 63 78 *