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David P. Dillard
06-22-1999, 12:01 AM
Here are some citations to sources related to either muscle weight
or muscle fiber type and gender differences.

Authors Rantanen J. Rissanen A. Kalimo H.
Title Lumbar muscle fiber size and type distribution in normal subjects.
Source European Spine Journal. 3(6):331-5, 1994.

Authors Marin P. Andersson B. Krotkiewski M. Bjorntorp P.
Title Muscle fiber composition and capillary density in women and men with NIDDM.
Source Diabetes Care. 17(5):382-6, 1994 May.

Authors Miller AE. MacDougall JD. Tarnopolsky MA. Sale DG.
Title Gender differences in strength and muscle fiber characteristics.
Source European Journal of Applied Physiology & Occupational Physiology.
66(3):254-62, 1993.

Authors Simoneau JA. Bouchard C.
Title Human variation in skeletal muscle fiber-type proportion and enzyme
Source American Journal of Physiology. 257(4 Pt 1):E567-72, 1989 Oct.

Authors Landin K. Lindgarde F. Saltin B.
Title Skeletal muscle potassium increases after diet and weight reduction in
obese subjects with normal and impaired glucose tolerance.
Source Acta Endocrinologica. 121(1):21-6, 1989 Jul.

Authors James GD. Sealey JE. Alderman M. Ljungman S. Mueller FB.
Pecker MS. Laragh JH.
Title A longitudinal study of urinary creatinine and creatinine clearance in
normal subjects. Race, sex, and age differences.
Source American Journal of Hypertension. 1(2):124-31, 1988 Apr.

Authors Costill DL. Fink WJ. Flynn M. Kirwan J.
Title Muscle fiber composition and enzyme activities in elite female
distance runners.
Source International Journal of Sports Medicine. 8 Suppl 2:103-6, 1987 Nov.

Authors Bylund P. Jansson E. Dahlberg E. Eriksson E.
Title Muscle fiber types in thoracic erector spinae muscles. Fiber types in
idiopathic and other forms of scoliosis.
Source Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research. (214):222-8, 1987 Jan.

Authors Bouchard C. Simoneau JA. Lortie G. Boulay MR. Marcotte M.
Thibault MC.
Title Genetic effects in human skeletal muscle fiber type distribution and
enzyme activities.
Source Canadian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology. 64(9):1245-51, 1986 Sep.

Authors Bell RD. MacDougall JD. Billeter R. Howald H.
Title Muscle fiber types and morphometric analysis of skeletal msucle in
six-year-old children.
Source Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 12(1):28-31, 1980 Spring.

I hope that the above information will be useful to you.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Angelika M. Hofstetter wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> I am looking for informations about sex differences in muscle fiber types
> and muscle weight in humans.
> Thanks for help.
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