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06-23-1999, 04:51 AM
The George Washington University, National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC)
is seeking engineering students and researchers interested in
Biomechanics and Transportation Safety. Graduate student fellowships
are available for qualified masters and doctoral level candidates.

The George Washington University is located in Washington, DC and
maintains a research campus in Ashburn, Virginia where the NCAC is
housed. The role of the NCAC is to conduct multidisciplinary
engineering research addressing issues in Transportation Safety. Areas
of research include Vehicle Crashworthiness, Biomechanics and Occupant
Modeling, Roadside Hardware Design, and Injury Studies of highway
crashes. The NCAC also serves as a centralized forum which combines
expertise and research from Government, Industry, and Academia to
address safety related issues.

Research opportunities exist in occupant safety analysis and finite
element modeling of the human body. Activities will include finite
element modeling of various human structures, tissue testing and injury
analysis to understand and predict the onset of injury during crashes.
Positions are available immediately. Mechanical Engineering or
Biomechanics background is required. Finite element experience is
preferred but not required.

For more information please contact George Bahouth via email or phone.
Email: bahouth@ncac.gwu.edu
Office: (703) 729-8368
Web: www.ncac.gwu.edu

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