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Rodger Kram
06-27-1999, 07:27 AM
Here is this week's literature update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

Just a reminder that at my perogative, I don't list articles published in
J. Biomechanics, conference abstracts or articles in languages other than
English. No J. Biomech because I assume most everyone subscribes,
Elsevier will automatically send you the table of contents via e-mail if
you don't, and my database lags the publication substantially.
No conference abstracts because they are hard to find and English only
because I can't really tell what the article is about if the title is not
in English. Also, I limit to macroscopic biomechanics, though cell
biomechanics is a very hot area.

Rodger Kram
UC Berkeley

My pick for this week's most intriguing article based only on the title is:

Le Bourg, Eric; Minois, Nadege.
A mild stress, hypergravity exposure, postpones behavioral aging in
Drosophila melanogaster.
Experimental Gerontology, v.34, n.2, (1999. April): 157-172.
(by the way, Drospophila are fruit flies)


Paul, Juergen; Gronenberg, Wulfila.
Optimizing force and velocity: Mandible muscle fibre attachments in ants.
Journal of Experimental Biology, v.202, n.7, (1999. April): 797-808.

Brackenbury, John.
Water skating in the larvae of Dixella aestivalis (Diptera) and Hydrobius
fuscipes (Coleoptera).
Journal of Experimental Biology, v.202, n.7, (1999. April): 845-853.

Gribble, N. A.; Thorne, M. T.
Locomotor activity, track and pattern of movement over 24 hours of the
crab Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus) in a sub-tropical tidal passage.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, v.107, n.0, (1998. Sept.
11): 35-43.


Multon, F; France, L; Cani-Gascuel, MP; Debunne, G.
Computer animation of human walking: a survey.

Griffin, Timothy M.; Tolani, Neil A.; Kram, Rodger.
Walking in simulated reduced gravity: Mechanical energy fluctuations and
Journal of Applied Physiology, v.86, n.1, (1999. Jan.): 383-390.

Schamhardt, H. C.
The mechanics of quadrupedal locomotion. 'How is the body propelled by
European Journal of Morphology, v.36, n.4-5, (1998. Dec.): 272-279.


Cavanaugh, James T.; Shinberg, Mindi; Ray, Laurie; Shipp, Kathy M.;
Kuchibhatla, Maggie; Schenkman, Margaret.
Kinematic characterization of standing reach: Comparison of younger vs.
older subjects.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.14, n.4, (1999. May): 271-279.

Nakajima, Tomotaka; Liu, Jain; Hughes, Richard E.; O'Driscoll, Shawn; An,
Abduction moment arm of transposed subscapularis tendon.
Clinical Biomechanics, v.14, n.4, (1999. May): 265-270.

Herzog, W.
Force-sharing among the primary cat ankle muscles.
European Journal of Morphology, v.36, n.4-5, (1998. Dec.): 280-287.

Matthews, Leslie S.; Parks, Brent G.; Pavlovich, Lucas J., ; Giudice,Michael A.
Arthroscopic versus open distal clavicle resection: A biomechanical
analysis on a cadaveric model.
Arthroscopy, v.15, n.3, (1999. April): 237-240.

Becker, Roland; Schroeder, Marlene; Roepke, Martin; Starke, Christian;
Nebelung, Wolfgang.
Structural properties of sutures used in anchoring multistranded
hamstrings in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A biomechanical
Arthroscopy, v.15, n.3, (1999. April): 297-300.

Jackson, Elise M.; Neal, Jeffrey G.; Williams, Freddie M.; Stern, Collette
A.; Suber, Freeman; Thacker, John G.; Edlich, Richard F.
Biomechanical performance of orthopedic gloves.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, v.48, n.2, (1999.): 193-198.

Adelaar, Robert S. Ed.
Complex foot and ankle trauma.
+276p., 227 East Washington Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106, USA,
Publishers. ISBN 0-397-51374-7 1999.

Putz, Reinhard; Kroyer, Alexander.
Functional morphology of the pterygoid hamulus.
Annals of Anatomy, v.181, n.1, (1999. Jan.): 85-88.

Breul, Rainer; Mall, Gita; Landgraf, Johannes; Scheck, Roland.
Biomechanical analysis of stress distribution in the human
Annals of Anatomy, v.181, n.1, (1999. Jan.): 55-60.

Arokoski, Jari P. A.; Hyttinen, Mika M.; Helminen, Heikki J.; Jurvelin,Jukka S.
Biomechanical and structural characteristics of canine femoral and tibial
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, v.48, n.2, (1999.): 99-107.

Magnuson, David S. K.; Trinder, Tammy C.; Zhang, Y. Ping; Burke, Darlene;
Morassutti, Dante J.; Shields, Christopher B.
Comparing deficits following excitotoxic and contusion injuries in the
thoracic and lumbar spinal cord of the adult rat.
Experimental Neurology, v.156, n.1, (1999. March): 191-204.

Duysens, J.; van Wezel, B. M. H.; van de Crommert, H. W. A. A.; Faist, M.;
Kooloos, J. G. M.
The role of afferent feedback in the control of hamstrings activity during
human gait.
European Journal of Morphology, v.36, n.4-5, (1998. Dec.): 293-299.

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