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Clare Milner
06-28-1999, 10:32 PM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers,

I am in the final stages of my PhD at Leeds University, entitled "Hindfoot
motion during gait", and I am using the JCS for 3d representation of
hindfoot angles. I am presenting my data as recommended in the 1993 JCS
standardisation paper by Cole, Nigg, Ronsky and Yeadon.

However, I am having problems converting my raw 3d co-ordinate data into the
3d angles. I have been trying to do this via a (large!) XL spreadsheet, but
cannot quite get it right.

I was wondering if anyone has an XL spreadsheet or some other method of
converting raw 3d coordinate data into 3d angles using the JCS that they
would be prepared to share with me and allow me to use for my data analysis.

I would be very grateful for any help as I have spent a lot of time on this
and should be handing my thesis in soon.

Thanks in advance,
Clare Milner
University of Leeds

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