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Karen Reisiger
06-30-1999, 04:54 AM
I am using the Flock o' Birds tracking device for kinematic
tracking of bones in musculoskeletal research. We are using a stylus to
digitize points that will be used in a coordinate transformation.
Unfortunately, I am getting very large errors. The Flock sensor is
attached to a stylus to digitize the points. The stylus is rotated
around We wrote a program that finds a sphere as the stylus is moved
around. The resulting center is the stylus tip position. This will give

us the position of the sensor with respect to the stylus tip. Depending
on the orientation of the stylus, errors of 5-10 mm are encountered.
The stylus is 5 cm long. We are not near any significant metal objects,

and are approximately 4 ft. from all computers. If anyone has any
advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Karen Reisiger
Musculoskeletal Research Center
University of Pittsburgh
(412) 648-1943

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