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Gangming Luo
07-06-1999, 03:16 AM
Dear Biomch-l subscribers,

I am trying to use biphasical model to simulate soft issues, e.g.
muscle, fat..., mechanical behavior. At this time, I am using MARC 7.2
(MARC Analysis Research Corporation). In the FEA package, there is a
soil model that allows a fully solid-fluid coupled approach with
following features and limits.

(1) The fluid behavior is modeled using Darcy's law and the fluid is
assumed to be slightly compressible.
(2) The solid behavior is defined by
(a) linear elasticity: the Young's moduli and the Poisson ratio;
(b) non-linear elasticity: hypoelastic model.
(In MARC 'User Information' book, it states the solid grains are assumed
to be incompressible. It seems conflicting with the solid behavior as
defined above, because if Poisson ratio < 0.5, solid is compressible. I
prefer a FEA package that allows to use hyperelastic model for solid,
i.e. use a user defined strain energy function.)

Here are my questions:

(1) Is the above MARC FEA soil model appropriate for biphasic model to
simulate soft tissues?
(2) Are there other commercial FEA packages that have a biphasic model
to simulate soft tissues?

Any comments are welcome. Thank you in advance.

Gangming Luo

NYU Medical Center,
New York, NY

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