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Victoria Haehl
07-07-1999, 03:37 AM
We are interested in examining the changes in intersegmental
coordination that accompany the development of independent walking. We
have followed babies from the time they first pull to standing to the time
they walk independently. Initially, when infants start walking with
support (cruising) they take only 2-3 steps, stop, and then take a few
more steps. Consequently, the data consists of individual cycles, instead
of consecutive cycles.

In order to measure changes in predominant frequencies and frequency
locking (within a cycle) among segments we have used the discrete Fourier
analysis on single cycle data. In order to measure the phase lags and the
extent of "matching" between the segments we have used the cross
correlation function on single cycle data.

We would like to generate some discussion on using these procedures on
single cycle data. Your comments will be useful to us.

Thank you.

Victoria Haehl
Department of Kinesiology
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

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