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Dan Major
07-09-1999, 06:48 AM
Thanks to everyone that responded. One of the things that I had forgotten
to mention, and that almost everyone suggested was to "wet" the electrode
surfaces of the harness with electrode gel. Other suggestions were to make
the harness as tight as possible (yet still allowing comfort and free
movement) to insure adequate contact with skin. Next time we have a series
of labs using this equipment, I'm going to check the skin resistance from
electrode-to-electrode with a digital ohm meter (ohm meter is very
sensitive and uses only .5V at a current of micro-Amps so it should be very
safe to use). This way I can see if skin conductance is actually a factor
in the performance of the unit.
Dan Major
Univ. of Okla. School of Industrial Engineering
major@ou.edu htp://www.ecn.ou.edu/~major

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