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07-09-1999, 08:32 PM
A friend of mine, well over 80 thinks he should get a trike for his
pleasure and to keep fit. His legs and arms are quite strong but he has
a bad back.
He has tried a standard model but found the steering very heavy. This,
I think, is because on the models available in the U.K. only one of the
two rear wheels is driven. Thus the machine is constantly getting an
unbalance force.
Models are available with a single rear wheel which is driven, the two
front wheels being steered. In these, I take it for stability the rider
is reclines. These are probably much easier to steer but the
disadvantages are that -

1 The person will have a much poorer view than if he was upright;

2. The vehicle will not be seen so readily by other traffic.

3. An old gentleman with a bad back may find the posture awkward.

4 They cost much more.

It seems that the problem could be largely overcome by driving both
rear wheels of a traditional tricycle using a differential back axle.

Such a thing could be made in a small workshop but I would like to know
of a firm that could supply a suitable differential gear ready made. -
or of other solutions that may be suggested.

I have been told that tricycles of the type I am suggesting are
available in continental Europe but so far have not been able to obtain
any details

Geoffrey Walsh

Phone (0)131.664.3046

64, Liberton Drive,
EH16 6NW

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