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Julie Commager
07-13-1999, 11:45 PM
Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly to my inquiry into SHUTRAK!

For others interested in this product I am summarizing the info I have received:

>From Jeffrey Stark at Sensor Products, Inc.

"We now sell this product. It is now called Podiascan Mats. "
order department 800-755-2201

>From Derek Helenberger

On the cover of a catalog called Abilitations is a product called WriteStep. It is a product that has lines marked every 10cm from 0-300 cm that leaves a mark when the client walks along the length. There is a pink neon cover sheet on that can be lifted to remove the marks so the process can be repeated. It is listed at $149.95

800-850-8602 Fax 800-845-1535

(Sounds like a giant one of those magic slates we used to play with as kids)

Ian Mathieson, Wales Centre for Podiatric Studies in the UK

"Sounds very similar to Podotrak impression mats. These mats take impressions of the plantar surface of the foot, but are not continuous. Each mat has an active area of 35X18.5cm, and can be covered with a transparent cellophane topsheet. A box of 100 mats costs around 35. They are available from several UK chiropody/podiatry suppliers, including 'Footman' based in London. On the top of each mat 'Medical Gait Technology-The Netherlands. Patent 9301590' appears.

Thanks again to everyone for their help!

Julie Commager
Lab coordinator
Motion Analysis Laboratory
Medical College of Ohio

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