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Roy Bechtel
07-14-1999, 02:05 AM
Dear fellow Biomch-Lers -

I have collected digitized representations of sacroiliac joint surfaces,
using a 3D digitizer and commercial software. I would now like to be able
to quantitatively analyze the mating surfaces of each joint so that some
sort of countour map could be created. This should allow prediction of a
"path of least resistance" which could indicate a preferred movement

My plan was to transfer the digitized files to MATLAB and use the image
processing toolbox to produce the contour maps. However, I am having
difficulty finding a common format which the digitizing program can export
and MATLAB can read.

The digitizing software is AMAPI (from TGS). I have contacted both TGS
and Mathworks without much success so far.

If anyone has had a similar experience and come up with a brilliant
solution, please share it. I will of course post a summary of replies.

Thank you in advance,

- Roy

Roy Bechtel, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland
Department of Physical Therapy
100 Penn Street, Suite 115, Baltimore, MD 21201

410 706 4544 - voice
410 706 5980 - fax
rbechtel@umaryland.edu - email

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