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09-04-1992, 12:15 AM
Dear Biomch-l Readers,

Several months ago I posted a query concerning processing CT (or MRI) data
into FEA usable forms. Since then, there have been at least two other postings
concerning the same topic. Here is a compilation of what I have found out
from other Biomch-l readers:

>From John Steege:
We use EXTRACT / IBID from Cornell. It works
well and is available at low cost (with source) to universities.


David Parkin (Cornell)
1-607-255-9101 (Cornell)
(your best bet)


Indes Tech
c/o Dr. Don Bartell
69 Yellow Barn Road
Freeville NY, 13068
1-607-255-4198 (IndesTech)
(the place you'll actually order the software from)

Good luck.

John Steege jsteege@casbah.acns.nwu.edu


Several readers suggested contacting CEMAX:

CEMAX offers a software
package that reads archive tapes of several CT manufacturers
(also can provide digital connection and translation from
some CT scanners) and display 2D and 3D images from those
images. We do indeed create a geometry but it is a volume
based geometry NOT a surface geometry (like with triangles
or surface patches). We have an open data base and describe
the format of our files to all so it is very possible to
do further processing on the data. We do have a "display only"
surface description for fast display. It is a list of points
on the surface with a 3D gradient attached to each point.
There is no connectivity between points.

The contact at CEMAX is:
Linda Fellingham

Several readers suggested MOVIE.BYU from the University of Utah.
There were also several people who suggested contacting researchers who have
developed their own specific code:

David Dean wrote:
There is also a group at Cornell University's Dept. of Mech. & Aerospace
Engineering led by Dean Taylor and Don Bartell. They have been marketing
a package that constructs 3D CT isosurfaces and can output the data to PATRAN
format. I have not been in touch with them in several years but I think
Dr. Taylor's number is: (607) 255-3575.

As Dr. Ateshian posted a few weeks ago, there seems to be no public
domain code (or commercial for that matter) available specifically to
convert CT/MRI image data into a from directly usable by FEA packages
and or preprocessors such as PATRAN. We are writing our own code that
will be universal enough to process the image data into a form directly
usable by FEA codes. We are just starting so I don't have any progress
information yet. If anyone is interested in collaborating, send me an
email message or give me a call.

Sorry for the delayed summary posting.

Daniel Nicolella
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX


(512) 522-5451 voice
(512) 522-3042 fax