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Trent Johnson
07-16-1999, 03:02 AM
Dear all,
I am a systems engineer working on a wearable system that will classify
sounds and localize them relative to the user. The acoustic sensor array is
to be mounted on a helmet. The user may have moved before he/she looks at a
display device to determine where the sound came from. As a result, it is
necessary to know the orientation of the head and the movement of the head
since the acoustic event. Thus, I need to incorporate or develope a head
tracker component.
The questions I'd like answered are:
Does anyone know of a head tracking device that is capable of sourceless
(all sensors on person) operation in all 6 DOF. It would be incorporated
into a real-time processing system that is worn by a person in an
unrestrained environment.
What are the acceleration and angular displacement limits of the head.
I would be happy if someone could help me. Of course, I will send a summary
of the responses to BIOMCH-L.

Trent H Johnson
MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates, Halifax
(902) 481-3527

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