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07-21-1999, 05:08 AM
Hi All,

Several years ago, I produced a document regarding the prescription,
manufacturing and distribution of foot orthoses and orthopedic shoes with
respect to legislature and regulations in Quebec, Canada. In this document,
a glossary of terms related to foot/ankle functional anatomy, foot orthoses
and shoe components, related pathologies... was presented.

This glossary was written in French. I have been asked on many occasions to
translate this glossary into English, and will attempt this feat.

In order to do so, and this most appropriately, I would like to consult as
much as possible the existing definitions and terminology available. For
those terms already defined, there is no need to re-invent (re-define)

If you could forward me reference sources (books, articles, journals, web
sites etc...) with terminology defined, these will be greatly appreciated.

I will compile a list of these reference sources and post them.
I will also post the glossary once it is compiled.


Norman Murphy, Ph.D.

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