View Full Version : Haye's indention solution for an infinite homogenous elasticlayer on a rigid foundation.

Andrew P Zeltwanger
07-22-1999, 04:34 AM
I am studying a recent paper that appeared in the June 1999 issue of the
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering by Y.P. Zheng and A.F.T. Mak. The
paper is entitled "Extraction of Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Parameters for
Lower Limb Soft Tissues from Manual Indentation Experiment." This paper
is relative to the research on soft-tissue biomechanics currently being
undertaken at the University of Pittsburgh. My question concerns the
Hayes' indention solution for an infinite homogeneous elastic layer on a
rigid foundation.

After this equation is defined with a scaling factor that is a function of
Poisson's ratio and the aspect ratio (a/h) [where a is the indentor radius
and h is the original thickness of the tissue], the relative indention (u)
is defined as the ratio of the indention (w) to the original thickness.

At this point, the aspect ratio is REDEFINED as a/(h(1-u)). I don't
understand this redefinition. I don't believe that the two aspect ratios
are the same. I would greatly appreciate any help or reference that will
help me understand this bit of mathematics.

Andrew P. Zeltwanger
Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology
University of Pittsburgh

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