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Llewellyn Michael
07-29-1999, 06:10 PM

We are involved in work concerning human tolerance to the rapid vertical
accelerations imposed as a result of ejection from aircraft. The most
frequent injury that currently occurs from such an event is an anterior
lip fracture at (typically) the T12-L1 level.

We are especially interested in whether individuals of different size or
of different sex will be at different risk of suffering injuries of the
vertebral column during ejection events. For obvious reasons we are only
interested in subjects who are prior to the event, believed to be
clinically healthy.

We have been conducting a range of literature reviews and there seem to
be some areas which are lacking in information particularily with
respect to lordosis and gender differences in the musculo-skeletal
properties of healthy subjects. So, we would be grateful for any
information on the following subjects.

* What (if any) is the difference in the degree of lordosis
between (healthy) males and females in sitting and standing postures?.
* Is it possible to accurately and repeatably measure lordosis
using non-invasive techniques?
* Does the degree of lordosis vary through the day, for example in
the same way that the overall length of the vertebral column reduces
through the day ?
* Are there significant gender differences in bone mass
distribribution. That is, is the bone density of, say a given vertebrae
in the female different from that of the same vertebrae in the male?
* What gender differences (if any) exist in the mass, length,
cross-section or fatigue properties of the muscles that support the
vertebral column.

Responses will be posted.

Many Thanks

Mike Llewellyn, Ph.D.
Protection & Performance Department
Centre for Human Sciences
Defence Evaluation & Research Agency.
Farnborough, UK.

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