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Renee' Turner/jennifer Bridges
10-01-1999, 11:39 PM
Dear Biomch'ers,
I have been riding recumbent bicycles about one year and on a discussion
list with some of those folks as well as biomch. There has been quite a bit
of talk about center of mass (COM) on this system, balance, etc. This has
led me to wonder about measuring the COM of the cyclist. Where I am looking
for some interesting discussion from members of the list is on how to
include the bicycle into the equation. What ideas do you have, short of
taking each variation of each bicycle apart and measuring lengths and
weights, to determine the COM of the bike and also the COM of the bike plus

Please include your own bicycling, motorcycling, etc experiences as part of
the discussion- just for fun!

Looking forward to your thoughts-

Dr. Jennifer Bridges, Ph.D.
Saginaw Valley State University

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