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10-12-1999, 02:47 AM
Hi Everyone

I am a Ph.D student in mechanical engineering studying the effectiveness
of orthotics in treating hypotonic or low muscle tone gait.The study will
also attempt to reduce the volumes of data typically produced by gait
analyses by identifying clinically relevant gait variables for this
population. The subjects in this study are aged 12 months to 13 years.

I am trying to decide between approximating the lower extremity joint
moments using GRF data, or using a mathematical model to estimate the
segment inertial parameters. Is there a general consensus that childrens'
lower extremity segment inertial parameters are negligible for these
analyses? Is there any literature which has examined the difference in
joint moments produced by these two methods for a given sample?

My experience with segment inertia data in the past has led me to believe
that lower extremity inertias are negligible in children for the
calculation of joint moments. Any advice/ opinions would be greatly


Vicky Chester
Institute of Biomedical Engineering
University of New Brunswick, Canada

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