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Frédéric Ocana
10-19-1999, 03:22 AM
hi i am a french student
i was just graduate as ingeneer in computer and mathematics,23 years old
and planed to go on study on biomecanics and physiology
and so i want make a study about lower limb amputee in walk
so i plan to build a model of walking based on dynamics systems in
mathematics and
make experience on 2 parameters in same time
freqency and length of step in normal and amputee people with for know the
energy cost a spyrometrie system so i can find
the methabolic speed and model of walk and in the same time i want make a
study on EMG of surfaces and EEG for show the lack sensory_motor system
of the amputees

so if u can help me by sending me help or information or else u can it will
be great and i welcome all colaboration and idea

so thanks a lot

PS i have draw and start to build all the interface on computer for the
reading all the imput and treadmill with force captor and frequency and
lenght captor of walk

ocana frederic
72 impasse guigou
83220 le pradet

ICQ 17185858

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