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Chuck Layne
10-19-1999, 09:44 PM
Dr. van den Bogert,

Would it be possible to post the following material on the Listserv?



Graduate Study in Motor Behavior at the University of Houston

The Motor Control and Coordination Laboratory in the Department of Health
and Human Performance at the University of Houston offers advanced degrees
in the study of human movement. Applications for Spring and Fall 2000
admissions and financial aid are now being encouraged for the Master's of
Science and doctoral degree program. A limited number of assistantships
may be immediately available for the Spring 2000 semester.

The program includes coursework in motor control, motor learning
psychological aspects of movement, human response to space flight, motor
rehabilitation and related courses offered in engineering and psychology.
The department has recently developed a focus centered on issues related to
Urban Fitness of which movement problems of diverse populations is a key
component. A full listing of graduate courses can be viewed at

The University of Houston is located near the world renowned Texas Medical
Center and NASA's Johnson Space Center. Houston is the third largest city
in the United States and offers a large variety of professional and
personal opportunities.

The MCC is well equipped to perform research in a variety of areas of human
movement control. The lab consists of 1000 square feet of space that houses
two force plates, accelerometers, motion analysis systems, and surface EMG
and EEG systems. Current laboratory projects include the study of postural
control after space flight, neuromuscular activation during locomotion
after space flight, the role of foot sensory input in enhancing
neuromuscular activation, meta-analysis of V02max of elderly individuals
and reach strategies effects on preparatory dynamic postural control.

Applications for admission and financial aid should are currently being
accepted by
the Graduate School Admissions Office. Graduate stipends for Master's
level students are $8,000 for two semesters and $9,000 at the doctoral
level. Additionally, tuition remission is available. Application forms
can be found at http://www.coe.uh.edu/~clayne/HHPPage/formsindex.html.

For additional information please contact Dr. Charles Layne at 713.743.9868
or by e-mail at clayne2@bayou.uh.edu

Charles S. Layne
Associate Professor
Department of Health and Human Performance
University of Houston
office 713.743.9868
fax 713.743.9860

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