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10-20-1999, 12:06 PM

Seminar Title: "Behavioral Biomechanics"
Host: The Center for Neurobehavioral Health, Ltd. and AARMACS, Inc.

Description: Participants will learn how to apply principles of movement to address
neurobehavioral health issues, including: impulsivity, depression, anxiety, chronic pain,
muscle weakness, and endurance. Using live demonstration, principles of “effortless”
movement will be demonstrated, that can be applied to everyday life or to clinical
populations. This seminar is for professionals and the general public.

Topics include:
¨ Natural breathing
¨ Joint flexibility and plasticity
¨ “Effortless” running
¨ “Mental” training and extreme conditions
¨ Application to clinical populations
¨ Movement and “errorless” learning
¨ Conscious / unconscious movement
¨ Movement in its cultural context
¨ The psychology of unusual performance


Robert M. Stein, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Licensed Psychologist
Center for Neurobehavioral Health, Co-Founder

Scott B. Sonnon
AARMACS Head Trainer
Master of Sport

Benjamin Brackbill
AARMACS Sr. Trainer
Russian School of Health Improvement, Sr. US Research Director

Date: Sat., January 22, 2000
Snow Date: Sat., February 5, 2000
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Registration starts at 8:30 AM
Location: USA 2173 Embassy Drive, Lancaster, PA 1st floor conference room Pre-registrants
will be sent

re-registration is $40.00. On-site is $55.00. Make checks payable to:

“Center for Neurobehavioral Health”

Send Preregistration fee, Name, Address, Phone no. to:

Dr. Bob Stein, Ph.D.
2173 Embassy Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603

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