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Karoline Cheung
10-20-1999, 12:28 PM
To Suscribers

Would anyone know who I could contact regarding the purchase or lease of a
Telos (R) device for radiographic assessment of the ankle joint. I am
requiring standardised radiographic assessments of the ankle joint and I
understand this instrument has been used successfully in related studies.
One reference is Karlsson J., Peterson L., Andreasson G., and Hogfors, C.
(1992) " The unstable ankle: A combined EMG and Biomechanical Modeling
Study". International Journal of Sport Biomechanics 8 pp 145-151.

If anyone knows of such a device and/or a contact address for distributors
internationally, I would be delighted to hear from you. Alternatively, if
anyone knows of a contact address for the above authors I would also
appreciate this information.

Many thanks in advance.

Karoline Cheung

Karoline Cheung
Research Coordinator
adidas Sports Medicine/UniSports Centre for Sports Medicine
71 Merton Road, St Johns
Auckland, New Zealand
Tel: (649) 521 9811 ext 823
Fax: (649) 521 9840

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