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Christian Peham
10-20-1999, 08:49 PM
Final Call for abstracts
Fourth International Workshop on Animal Locomotion
Clinic for Orthopaedics in Ungulates, University for Veterinary Medicine,
Vienna, Austria, 24.5. - 26.5. 2000
Dear colleagues,
We like to invite you a second time and to send a final call for abstracts
for the Fourth International Workshop on Animal Locomotion.
IWAL 4 is to be held at the Clinic for Orthopaedics in Ungulates, University
for Veterinary Medicine in Vienna from the 24 5. to 26.5. 2000.
Please visit our webside for all informations about the workshop:
Instructions for authors as well as abstract forms are available at our
webside: http://iwal4.vu-wien.ac.at/iwal4
Deadline for the abstracts is the 1 st November.
The workshop will be organized at the new campus of the university of
veterinary medicine in Vienna with its modern facilities for the scientific
sessions , its locomotion laboratory and within the famous flair of the city
of vienna.
We really like to invite you to join the workshop and to enjoy some days in
vienna with an inspiring scientific meeting as well as the splendid cultural
facilities of vienna.

Important dates:
Deadline for submission of abstracts 1.11. 99
Invitation , Preliminary programme Jan/Feb. 2000
Submission of papers 1.5. 2000
IWAL 4 24.5. - 26.5. 2000
with greetings from vienna
Florian Buchner
Chairman IWAL 4

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